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Unitspan is one of the best unit converter, unit conversion tool with live currency conversion update. It is one of the best unit converter for windows mobile and windows store . Unitspan the best Unit converter on the windows Store with thousands of download till date. A must have app for every type of people, from an engineer or student to a person who is not familiar much with metric system! Unitspan uses a simple and elegant design and provides the option to convert most commonly used units Unlike some applications which sacrifices the design for functionality, (or functionality for design).

UnitSpan comes with 21 ready-made categories containing more than 6000 unit conversions for you to use.

Unitspan provides simple and functional windows mobile phone app for converting between time converter , temperature converter , distance converter, speed converter, area converter, mass converter, Power converter, Data converter, Base converter, Energy converter, Pressure converter, Land converter, Currency converter, Angle converter, Volume converter, Torque converter, Fuel converter, Force converter, Heat converter, Radiation converter, Surface Density converter.